WTC –World Test Championship- Two years, nine teams, 27 series, 72 Test Matches- WTC –World Test Championship- Two years, nine teams, 27 series, 72 Test Matches- World Test Championship will start from August 1 ,2019 by ENG vs Australia 1st Ashes test at Edgbaston Birmingham and will end on June 2021  with final.

Teams for WTC-World Test Championship  contenders

Total 9 team will take part in World Test Championship during two years. Nine top ranked test  Teams Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Three remaining test team Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Ireland will play test but these test will not be part of WTC.

Each team in WTC will play three series in two years at home and away. Points for every game will be awarded .Two top  team at  point table will play a one-Off World Test Championship Final in June 2021 at Lord’s. The winner will be crowned World Test Champions.

WTC Points System

 There will be 120 points  for each series and will  be distributed over the number of games. If two test in a series each test in 60 points worth. In three test match series 40 points for  each test .and 24 points for  each test match in 5 Test math series. Half points will be awarded  for Tied test and one third for drawn Test.

Tied or Drawn Final.

If final test is drawn or tied ,both team will be declared joint  World Test Champion. In first  cycle of WTC  all 5 days test will be included , day-night match will also part of WTC.

Schedule World Test Championship

Each team has picked six opponents by mutual agreement, within the existing framework of the Members rights agreement. Pakistan and India will not play mutual series in this tenure. Total  27 series will be played  by nine test teams and 71 Test matches will be part of WTC.The Final will be played in  June 2021 and it will 72th match of WTC.

League Format of WTC-World Test Championship

Each of nine teams will play six of the eight possible opponents with three series at home and three series  away. The World Test Championship points table will be independent of the ICC Test rankings. The Test rankings will continue to have 12 teams on the table.

Broadcasting Rights FOR WTC-
The broadcast rights for each series belong to the Host Member Board as has always been the case, however, the rights for the WTC Final in June 2021 rest with the ICC.

INDIA  schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series India
  • IND VS ENG(2021-5T)-IND VS SA(2019-3T)-IND VS BAN(2019- 2T)
  • AWAY  series India
  • AUS VS IND(2020-21-4T)-WI VS IND(2019-2T)-NZ VS IND (2020-2T)

Pakistan schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series Pakistan
  • PAK vs SL 2019(2T)- PAK vs AUS(2019-2T)- Pak vs BAN(2020-2T)-
  • Away series Pakistan
  • NZ vs PAK (2020-2T)-PAK vs SA(2020-2T)-ENG VS PAK (2020-3T)

Australia  schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • Away series  Australia
  • ENG VS AUS (2019- 5 T)-BAN VS AUS(2021-2T)-SA VS AUS(2021-3T)
  • HOME series  Australia
  • AUS VS PAK(2019- 2 TEST)-AUS VS NZ(19-20-3T)-AUS VS IND(19-20-4T)

ENGLAND schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series England
  • ENG VS WI(2020-3T)-ENG VS PAK (2020-3T)-ENG VS AUS(2019-5T)
  • AWAY series England
  • SA VS ENG(2019-20-4T)-IND VS ENG(2021-5T)-SL VS ENG(2020 -2T)

SOUTH AFRICA schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series South Africa
  • SA VS SL(21-2T)-SA VS AUS(2021-3T)-SA VS ENG(2019-20-4T)
  • Away series South Africa
  • WI VS SA (2020-2T)PAK VS SA(2021-2T)-IND VS SA(2019-3T)

NEW ZEALAND schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series New Zealand
  • NZ VS IND(2020-2T)-NZ VS WI(2020-2T)-NZ VS PAK(2020-2T)
  • Away  series New Zealand
  • SL VS NZ(2019-2T)-BAN VS NZ(2020-2T)-AUS VS NZ(2019-20=3T)

WEST INDIES schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series West Indies
  • WI VS IND(2019-2T)-WI VS SA(2020-2T)-WI VS SL(2021-2T)
  • Away series West Indies
  • NZ VS WI(2020-2T)-ENG VS WI(2020-3T)-BAN VS WI(2021-3T)

SRI LANKA schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series Sri Lanka
  • SL VS NZ(2019-2T)- SL VS ENG (2020-2T)-SL VS BAN(2020-3T)
  • AWAY series Sri Lanka
  • PAK VS SL(2019-2T)-SA VS SL(2021-2T)- WI VS SL(2021 -2T)

BANGLADESH schedule Test Matches WTC(2019-21)

  • HOME series Bangladesh
  • BAN VS AUS(2020-2T)-BAN VS NZ(2020-2T)-BAN VS WI(2021-3T)
  • Away  series Bangladesh
  • IND VS BAN(2019-2T)-PAK VS BAN(2020-2T)-SL VS BAN(2020-3T)

Break up test matches for WTC-Total matches 71

Teams Home Away Total
England 11 11 22
Australia 9 10 19
India 19 8 18
South Africa 9 7 16
Bangladesh 7 7 14
West Indies 6 8 14
Sri Lanka 7 6 13
Pakistan 6 7 13
New Zealand 6 7 13
Total 71 71 142

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