Faster Evaluation for Suspected Bowling in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

ICC has announced its new policy for faster evaluation of the bowlers who will be reported for illegal bowling action in the ICC cricket world cup 2015. Currently it is a 21 days process after a bowler has been reported by a match referee.
The ICC will submit the report within seven days if a bowler’s action is called suspect during the WorldCup 2015.
This has been decided on Tuesday when Dave Rechardson, ICC chief executive explained the new policy. He said that if any bowler will be reported for illegal bowling action. The bowler will travel to Brisbane testing centre to get their actions analysed as soon as possible. ICC confirmed that centre in Brisbane is on stand-by so that if any bolwer is reported in CWC2015 early stage. It will be possible to go straight off to Brisbane, get tested within five or six days according to new changed policy. We will have have the assessment report in exactily seven days to allow him to continue bowling if he’s found to be legal, or if he’s illegal, then he will be suspended.
Richardson told media that ICC is stressed in last months by reporting on suspect actions. Many good bowlers has been reported and it gained momentum with high-profile bowlers being reported both in international cricket as well as domestic cricket. For Exmaple world No. 1 Saeed Ajmal from Pakistan and then Mohammad Hafeez both were off spinner . Another big name for T20 Cricket world no. 1 Sunil Narine from West Indies while in teh tour of India was disqualified from bowling during the Champions LeagueTwenty20 final last year having been reported in two successive matches. click here for list of off spinner banned by ICC in 2014
Saeed Ajmal has been announce in the 15-man ICC Cricket world cup team squad for Pakistan. He is going to appear in the final assessment of his improved and corrected action on 24th of this month. After this It will be decided by ICC If he would be the part of the world cup 2015 or not. Best of luck to him. A good news is that he had passed an unofficial test conducted at his own request few days in England. He is hoping to clear.

By Haq

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