History of the World cup 1975 begins with the first ICC cricket World Cup cricket played in 1975 from June 7 to June 21.There was 8 teams. 15 matches were played including semifinals and final. The format was one day and every team has to play 60 overs. Any bowler can bowl 12 overs in a match. This cup was sponsored by Prudential Insurance Company. This is also called Prudential Cricket world Cup history. world cup trophy history is brought to its readers to get ready them for ICC CricketWorld cup cricket 2015.
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In the history of the cricket world cup 1975 Eight teams were divided into two groups.
Group A:
England, India, New Zealand, East Africa
Group B.
West Indies,Australia,Pakistan,Sri Lanka

Audiences History of the World cup 1975

About 160000 attended the tournament. Average 10500 person attendance in every match. From Group A New Zealand and England qualify for the semi final . In Group B Australia and West Indies reached the semifinal stage. click to read more…..

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