Phillip Hughes indeed had a notable record in the world of cricket during the Ashes series in 2013. On July 10 to 14, 2013, at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, England, Hughes and debutant Ashton Agar formed a historic tenth-wicket partnership.

At the time, Australia was in a dire situation with a score of 117/9 in their first innings. It was then that Ashton Agar joined forces with Phillip Hughes, and together, they forged an incredible partnership that added 163 runs to the team’s total.

Phillip Hughes played a crucial role in this partnership, contributing 60 runs to the cause, while Ashton Agar was the dominant force, scoring an impressive 98 runs. Notably, Agar came very close to achieving a historic milestone as he needed just two more runs to become the first batsman in Test cricket history to score a century from the number 11 position.

During this memorable innings, Phillip Hughes remained unbeaten, scoring 81 runs. The partnership between Hughes and Agar not only rescued Australia from a precarious situation but also etched their names in the record books for the highest tenth-wicket partnership in Test cricket history.

This remarkable partnership is remembered as one of the iconic moments in cricket, highlighting the resilience and skill of both Phillip Hughes and Ashton Agar in the face of adversity.

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