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Weightlifting has been in Olympics since Athens 1896. In Rio Olympic eight men’s and eight women’s events will be held. Un Guk Kim from North Korea made Weightlifting World Record in London Olympic 2012. China won most Medals in London Olympics. In Men’s 56 kg category Om Yun-chol form North Korea won gold, Wu Jingbiao form China Silver and Valentin Hristov from Azerbaijan Bronze medal. In 62 kg event Kim Un-guk from North Korea won gold, Oscar Figueroa from Colombia Silver and Eko Yuli lrawan from Indonesia Bronze medal. In 69 kg category Lin Qingfeng from China won Gold and Triyatno from Indonesia Silver and Razvan Martin from Romania Bronze medal. In 77 kg Lu Xiaojun from China won Gold and Lu Haojie from China Silver and Ivan Cambar from Cuba Bronze medal. In 85 kg category Adrian Zielinski from Poland won Gold, Apti Aukhadov from Russia Silver and Kianoush Rostami from Iran Bronze medal. In 94 kg category Llya Llyin from Kazakhstan won Gold and Aleksandr Lvanov from Russia Silver and Anatolie Ciricu from Moldova Bronze medal. In 105 kg Oleksiy Torokhtiy from Ukraine won Gold, Navab Nassirshalal from Iran Silver and Bartlomiej Bonk from Poland Bronze medal. In +105 category event Behdad Salimi from Iran won Gold, Sajjad Anoushiravani from Iran Silver and Ruslan Albegov from Russia Bronze medal.

In London Olympic Women’s category of Weightlifting 48 kg Wang Mingjuan from China Won Gold, Hiromi Miyake from Japan Silver and   Ryang Chun-hwa Bronze medal. In 53 Kg category Zulfiya chinshanlo from Kazakhstan won Gold, Hsu Shu-ching from Chinese Taipei Silver and Cristina lovu from Moldova Bronze medal. In 58 kg category Li Xueying from China won Gold, Pimsiri Sirikaew from Thailand Silver medal and Bronze medal was not awarded. In 63 kg category Maiya Maneza from Kazakhstan won Gold, Svetlana Tsarukayeva from Russia Silver and Christine Girard from Canada Bronze medal. In 69 Kg category Rim Jong-sim from North Korea won Gold, Roxana Cocas from Romania Silver and Maryna shkermankova from Belarus Bronze medal. In 75 kg category Svetalana Podobedova from Kazakhstan won Gold, Natalya Zabolotnaya from Russia Silver and Lryna Kulesha from Belarus Bronze medal. In +75 kg category Zhou Lulu from China won Gold, Tatiana Kashirina from Russia Silver and Hripsime Khurshudyan from Armenia Bronze medal.

RIO 2016 Olympics Weightlifting Schedule

 6 August 2016(Saturday)

  • Women’s 48kg Group A (3.30 AM)

7 August 2016(Sunday)

  • Men’s 56kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 53kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 53kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 56kg Group A (3.30 AM)

8 August 2016(Monday)

  • Men’s 62kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 58kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Men’s 58kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 62kg Group A (3.30 AM)

9 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Men’s 69kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 63kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 63kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 69kg Group A (3.30 AM)

10 August 2016(Wednesday)

  • Men’s 77kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 69kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 69kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 77kg Group A (3.30 AM)

11 August 2016(Thursday)

  • No Weightlifting Events.

12 August 2016(Friday)

  • Men’s 85kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 75kg Group B (6.30 PM)
  • Women’s 75kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 85kg Group A (3.30 AM)

13 August 2016(Saturday)

  • Men’s 94kg Group B (12 AM)
  • Men’s 94kg Group A (3.30 AM)

14 August 2016(Sunday)

  • Women’s 75+kg Group A (3.30 AM)

15 August 2016(Monday)

  • Men’s 105kg Group B (12 AM)
  • Men’s 105kg Group A (3.30 AM)

16 August 2016(Tuesday)

  • Men’s 105+kg Group A (12 AM)
  • Men’s 105+kg Group A (3.30 AM)