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Authorized Ticket Resellers List

Kingdom Sports Group and Cartan are the largest group of Resellers of Rio Olympic 2016 Tickets. It’s a list of Authorized Reseller and Sub-Distributor of Tickets outside from the Brazil. If you are not a resident of Brazil, you can purchase ticket from you country.


 TERRITORY                                          AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Benin                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Botswana                                                          Kingdom Sports Group

Burkina Faso                                                      Kingdom Sports Group

Burundi                                                              Kingdom Sports Group

Central African Republic                                      Kingdom Sports Group

Chad                                                                 Kingdom Sports Group

Congo                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Democratic Republic of the Congo                      Kingdom Sports Group

Egypt                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Eritrea                                                               Kingdom Sports Group

Gabon                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Kenya                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Liberia                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Mali                                                                    Kingdom Sports Group

Mauritius                                                             Kingdom Sports Group

Morocco                                                              Comité National Olympique Marocain

Mozambique                                                         Fli Afrika

Namibia                                                              Kingdom Sports Group

Niger                                                                   Kingdom Sports Group


Rwanda                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Senegal                                                               Kingdom Sports Group

Sierra Leone                                                         Kingdom Sports Group

South Africa                                                           Fli-Afrika

Swaziland                                                            Kingdom Sports Group

The Gambia                                                        Kingdom Sports Group

Togo                                                                      Kingdom Sports Group

Tunisia                                                                 Kingdom Sports Group

Uganda                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Zambia                                                               Kingdom Sports Group

Zimbabwe                                                           Kingdom Sports Group


TERRITORY                                                       AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Afghanistan                                                      Kingdom Sports Group

Bangladesh                                                       Kingdom Sports Group

Bhutan                                                              Bhutan Olympic Committee

Brunei Darussalam                                             Kingdom Sports Group

Cambodia                                                            Cartan

Chinese Taipei                                                    Winner Express Co. Ltd.

Hong Kong, China                                           China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited

India                                                                      Fanatic Sports

Japan                                                                    PIA Corporation / Kinki Nippon Tourist co.                                                                             (KNT), Top Tour Corporation and JTB Corp

Kazakhstan                                                        LLP ITC Complete Service

Kuwait                                                                 Kuwait Olympic Committee

Kyrgyzstan                                                         Kingdom Sports Group

Lao People´s Democratic Republic                        Kingdom Sports Group

Lebanon                                                             Lebanese Olympic Committee

Malaysia                                                             VIP Sportstravel / Holiday Tours & Travel

Maldives                                                            Kingdom Sports Group

Mongolia                                                             Juulchin World Tours Corporation

Myanmar                                                            Kingdom Sports Group

Nepal                                                                   Kingdom Sports Group

Oman                                                                   Oman Olympic Committee

Pakistan                                                               Kingdom Sports Group

People´s Republic of China                        E-Life Financial Services Holding Group., Ltd

Philippines                                                        Philippine Olympic Committee

Republic of Korea                                                Global Tour

Saudi Arabia                                                     Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee

Singapore                                                          Kingdom Sports Group

Sri Lanka                                                             Kingdom Sports Group

Tajikistan                                                            Ltd Sport Guide

Thailand                                                              KNT Travel (Thailand) Co., Ltd

Turkmenistan                                                    Kingdom Sports Group

United Arab Emirates                                         dnata travel

Vietnam                                                              Kingdom Sports Group


TERRITORY                                                    AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Aruba                                                                    Cartan

Barbados                                                             Cartan

Belize                                                                  Cartan

Bermuda                                                              Cartan

Cayman Islands                                                    Cartan

Costa Rica                                                             Cartan

Dominican Republic                                                Cartan

Guatemala                                                               Cartan

Honduras                                                                Cartan

Jamaica                                                                   Cartan

Nicaragua                                                               Cartan

Panama                                                                  Cartan

Puerto Rico                                                              Cartan

Saint Kitts and Nevis                                                Cartan

Saint Lucia                                                               Cartan

St Vincent and the Grenadines                                 Cartan

Trinidad and Tobago                                                 Cartan

Virgin Islands, US                                                   Cartan


TERRITORY                                                      AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Albania                                                                 Travel Market srl

Armenia                                                              Olympic Panorama

Austria                                                                  Vietentours

Azerbaijan                                                         Improtex

Belarus                                                                  Ticketpro

Belgium                                                              Eventeam / Voyageurs du Monde

Bulgaria                                                              CoSport

Croatia                                                                 Atlas

Cyprus                                                                  Issta / Top Kinisis Travel

Czech Republic                                                 Česká olympijská a.s / Slan tour s.r.o. /                                                                             IBTravel s.r.o. / ČEDOK a.s., Travel Corporation

Denmark                                                             Sportsworld Ltd

Estonia                                                                Estravel Ltd

Finland                                                                Bjork & Bostrom

France                                                                 Eventeam / Voyageurs du Monde

Georgia                                                               Georgian National Olympic Committee

Germany                                                              DER Touristik Frankfurt

Great Britain                                                          CoSport

Greece                                                                Cartan

Hungary                                                              Tensi Ltd

Iceland                                                                 The National Olympic and Sports                                                                                               Association of Iceland

Ireland                                                                 Pro10 Sports Management

Israel                                                                    Issta

Italy                                                                      Uevents SRL

Latvia                                                                   Cartan

Liechtenstein                                                          Sportsworld Ltd

Lithuania                                                                Novaturas

Luxembourg                                                           Voyages Emile Weber / VIP Sportstravel

Malta                                                                      Travel Market srl

Monaco                                                                   Monaco Top Voyage / Eventeam

Montenegro                                                              Grand Doo Travel Agency

Netherlands                                                               ATPI

Norway                                                                    CoSport

Poland                                                                      Club Sport Travel

Portugal                                                                    Abreu / ATPI

Republic of Moldova                                  Comité National Olympique de la République

                                                                           de Moldova

Romania                                                             Eurotravel SRL

Russian Federation                                              Jet Set Sports RU / Kassir.RU

San Marino                                                         Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Sammarinese

Slovakia                                                               Stars & Friends Marketing Ltd / Slovenská                                                                                 Olympijská Marketingová, a.s.

Slovenia                                                                 Cartan

Spain                                                                    Sportsworld Ltd

Sweden                                                                 CoSport

Switzerland                                                            DER Touristik Frankfurt/Globetrotter

The Former Yugoslav                                             Cartan

Republic of Macedonia

Turkey                                                                  Setur Servis Turistik A.S.


TERRITORY                                                         AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Canada                                                                 CoSport

Mexico                                                                Cartan

United States of America                                    CoSport


TERRITORY                                                      AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

American Samoa                                              Sportsworld Ltd

Australia                                                              CoSport

Cook Islands                                                     Sportsworld Ltd

Federated States of Micronesia                             Cartan

Fiji                                                                          Sportsworld Ltd

Guam                                                                    Cartan

Kiribati                                                                Kingdom Sports Group

Marshall Islands                                                    Sportsworld Ltd

Nauru                                                                   Sportsworld Ltd

New Zealand                                                    New Zealand Olympic Travel

Palau                                                                     Sportsworld Ltd

Papua New Guinea                                                 Sportsworld Ltd

Samoa                                                                 Sportsworld Ltd

Solomon Islands                                                    Sportsworld Ltd

Tonga                                                                    Kingdom Sports Group

Tuvalu                                                                 Sportsworld Ltd

Vanuatu                                                              Sportsworld Ltd


TERRITORY                                                         AUTHORISED RESELLER SUB-DISTRIBUTOR

Argentina                                                            Turicentro Viajes S.A

Bolivia                                                                 Cartan

Chile                                                                     Cartan

Colombia                                                              Cartan

Ecuador                                                                Cartan

Guyana                                                               Cartan

Paraguay                                                            Cartan

Peru                                                                     Cartan

Suriname                                                            Cartan

Uruguay                                                               Cartan

Venezuela                                                           Cartan