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The flame of the Rio Olympic 2016 is very innovative and attractive. It is consisted on following symbols:

The Sky: The upper part of Rio Olympic 2016 torch represented by the sun, which shines and light up wherever it passes. Its golden color represents high achievement at the Games.

The Mountains: The Mountains shows natural beauty, hills and valleys of Rio’s in green curves.

The Sea: Brazil’s southern point is located near the sea, Blue, organic and fluid ripples of the torch are represent the sea.

The Ground: The country of Brazil exists in half of South America, has a very old geological formation. The Land is represented by the Copacabana promenade, famous piece of ground in Rio.


Olympic Spirit: triangular texture reflects three Olympic values excellence, friendship and respect. The floating effect shows spirit of athletes, flying through the air.

Harmonious Diversity: Brazil has remarkable unity in cultural diversity. A compound axis represents its unity.

Contagious Energy: When the flame passes from one torch to another it lightning and release energy.

Exuberant Nature: Rio’s nature and Brazil’s colors are shows by the Profiles.

When it passes from different cities, its look great and lot of people want to see it.