2016 Rio Olympics: Preview Prediction Men’s 200 Breaststroke

The 19 old Ippei Watanabe from Japan is favorite for gold medal in 200 meters men’s breaststroke event.In Semi final Watanabe set a new Olympic records.In 100 meters breaststroke Watanbe missed qualifying round by a margin of just 0.07 seconds .Now he can win Gold medal i n 200 meters category.
Watanabe time in semi final was 2 minutes 7.22 seconds .Andrew Willis of Britian time was 2 minutes 7.73 seconds.Joshua Prenot of USA time was 2 minutes and 7.78 seconds.
German swimmer Marco Koch is other contender for this event.In our Prdiction Koch can get silver medal .United States Kevin Cordes is favorite for bronze medal according to our predcition.

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