ICC criteria for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarter-finals

ICC has announced the criteria for the selection of the Venues for the Quarter Finals. This criteria will reader to get it easy where to buy World cup tickets for quarter finals. This Quarter final venue criteria will also help Quarter-final venue allocations to provide greater certainty for teams and spectators.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced this today that the venue allocation criteria for the quarter-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be as follows. ICCCWC2015 will be started from 14 February to 29 March.
It has already been decided that, if the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 co-hosts, Australia and New Zealand, will qualify from Pool A, they will play their quarter-finals in Adelaide and Wellington on 20 and 21 March, respectively.
However, if any one of the two hosts or the two next highest-ranked Pool A teams fail to reach the quarter-finals, then the team that qualifies instead will play at the venue that was allocated to the side that did not quality.
For example, if Sri Lanka fails to reach the quarter-final stage, then the Pool A team that qualifies instead of Sri Lanka will play its quarter-final in Sydney on 18 March.
The venues for quarter finalists from Pool B will be determined by their Pool A opponents, which will be determined by their respective finishing positions in the pool stage.
For example, if India tops Pool B in position B1, then it will play against the Pool A team that finishes in position A4. Therefore, if Sri Lanka finishes in position A4, then India will play Sri Lanka in Sydney on 18 March.
Quarter-final dates and venues:
Wednesday, 18 March – SCG, Sydney
Thursday, 19 March – MCG, Melbourne
Friday, 20 March – Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
Saturday, 21 March – Wellington Stadium, Wellington
Quarter-final matches:
Quarter-final 1 – A1 v B4
Quarter-final 2 – A2 v B3
Quarter-final 3 – A3 v B2
Quarter-final 4 – A4 v B1
*A1 means the side that tops Pool A, while B4 means the side that finishes fourth in Pool B

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