Imam ul Haq scored 151 runs in Pakistan vs England 3rd ODI. He became the youngest player who honored by the 150-run innings in England. He told that if the team wins it would have been good and the confidence in this innings has increased further.

Imam ul Haq set a world record in England?

It is to mention here that Imam ul haq set a new world record in Egnland. Imam ul Haq has become the youngest player to make 150 runs in a fast match on the English soil, he received this honor 23 years of age 153 days. In 1983, Apple Devil made 175 runs against Zimbabwe 24 years of 163 days

Imam ul haq said that he was assigned a task to stay on wicket and the score board is also going to be dynamic, partner opener Fakhar Zaman, who plays more aggressively in this situation. I have a responsibility to keep one and handle and give them an opportunity to play more, try to keep on the wicket for the entire overs. In the first two wickets early the fall thought only to stand up to 50 overs.

The oping batsman said that to make a long score in one-day cricket, one of the first three batsmen for a long time is considered to be crucial for England, the target for England was not so easy but due to a few drop catches It was easy to score, Drop Keychains are also part of the game, will learn to learn from their mistakes and try to perform more performances in the next matches, the positive thing is that all the boys are learning each match, and improving their performance.

Are working hard Imam ul Haq said that with practice matches before the World Cup, there is a lot of opportunity to learn from the series against England, which will work very well in megawatts, if the team would have been good enough, confidence in the innings has increased further. It will be effort to maintain this continuity of performance in future coming matches and team management expectations.

By Haq

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