Men’s 200 meters World Record up to Rio Olympics 2016.

The current records for Men’s 200 meters  belong to Usain Bolt with  19.19 seconds. In 1975 IAAF accepted separate automatically electronically timed records for athletics events upto 400 meters. From January 1977 IAAF  required hundredth of a second  fully automatic timing.United States’ Tommie Smith olympic record in 1968 was first fully electronic 200 meters sprint.Tommie took 19.83 second to cover 200 meters.On September 12,1979 at Mexico City Italy’s sprinter Pietro Mennea  set new world record for 200 meters with time of 19.72 seconds.The mark of 19. 72 second stood until June 23,1996.

At Atlanta ,United States USA sprinter Michael Johnson set new World record in 200 meters  with time of 19.66 seconds.After 40 days  on August 1, 1996 Michael Johnson created history by running 200 meters in less than 19.5 second.Johnson took 19.32 seconds to set new World record in 200 meters.This world record of 19.32 second stood unbeatable for 12 years till 2008.On August 20,2008 Jamican super athlete Usain Bolt set new World record in 200m  by setting time 19.30 seconds.After one year on August 20,2009 Usain Bolt created history by lowering 200 meters record to 19.19 second.Bolt improved his own  record by margin of 0.11 seconds.At Berlin,Germany Bolt performed this unprecedented feat .Now 8 years have passed Usain Bolt World Records in 200 meters sprint in intact.
Usain Bolt is participating in his fourth Olympic and trying to win his third Gold Medal in 200 meters event. Bolt has face tough resistance from current no 1 in 200 meters  Lashawn Merritt.

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