Over50s Cricket World Cup 2020 Players Rankings | So, we have discussed some of the new players to watch out for at this year’s Over-50s Cricket World Cup, but who are the guys with the track records?. As reminder Over50s Cricket World Cup Live Streaming , Live Score, Schedule, Teams and Fixtures. Below is a list of the top-ranked players in Over-50s Internationals (O50Is) leading into the World Cup. Courtesy : For more rankings and statistics, please visit www.over50scricket.com/statistics.

These rankings reflect the players who have contributed the most with bat, ball and in the field. The methodology is explained below.At the top of the rankings – by a fair distance – is England’s Stephen Foster. This is hardly surprising given how he dominated the 2018 World Cup. He has taken 23 wickets at an average of just 9.13 in O50Is (8 more than the next guy), with two 6-wicket bags, and scored 285 runs at 47.50.

There is daylight between Foster and the next player on the list, New Zealand’s Mason Robinson. Robinson has been very consistent with the bat – 342 runs at 57, with four 50s from 7 matches – but also leads the list of dismissals, with 14. Next is Wales’s Iwan Rees, who just met the threshold of three O50s during the 2019 series against England, in which he scored an unbeaten century and took wickets as well.

Another Welshman sits in fourth place (although he now captains New Zealand): former Glamorgan county pro Adrian Dale has 304 runs at 43, with two 50s and a century, and 9 wickets at 20 in O50Is.

It may be surprising to see Australia’s Peter Solway down in 5th position, given his extraordinary batting figures (459 runs at 91.80). However, the rankings favour players who have more than one “string to their bow” and Solway doesn’t bowl (although he has taken a respectable 5 catches in his 9 O5OIs).

Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand each have 5 players in the top 25, Wales and Sri Lanka 3, England and Canada 2, and South Africa just 1.

These rankings do not include players from India, West Indies, Zimbabwe or Namibia, as none of those countries have yet played an official O50I.

Points are divided by the number of games a player has played (minimum 3 games) to derive the ranking. Players who miss 5 consecutive games for their country are removed from the rankings until they play again.

over50s cricket world cup 2020 Players Ranking

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