The second one day international between #Pakistan and #Australia will be played today , while the National #Pakistani Shaheen is ready to crack down Australia. Pakistan had to beat 8 wickets in the #Pak vs #Aus 1st ODI first match of the series against Australia, although some of the better betting performances were seen. #ICC #CWC #ICCCWC #CWC19, but the bowlers did not see the magnitude of which was needed to target the target, the field of the field was extremely disappointed. It appeared, especially Muhammad Amir proved to be quite expensive.

Mohammad Abbas did not show proper control over the ball as he did against Australia in Test Cricket, due to which he had troubled Finland and other Australian players during the Test series in October last year. Captain Shoaib Malik also got his share with only 11 runs while It proved to be quite expensive in its sole overturn, with the performance of itself, there is also a challenge to work better than its ninth squad.
In the first match, Australian team has not shown pressure on any occasion, Shoaib will have to increase pressure on rivalry side by using his experience, he says he will take pressure on guest players by taking quick wicket in the second one-day. Will try
Awesome experiences of Pakistan are expected to continue before the most important event like the World Cup, now waiting for Abid Ali, Mohammad Hassanin and Saad Ali Debibi, they also got the opportunity to get into the field at some point. May be able to take Osman Shivari instead of Aamir.

On the other hand, Australia focuses on strengthening its edge in the meditation series, while with this, they are also busy preparing the best bowl for the World Cup, so in the first match, Patam Kumins were rested in the first match, but now they are in the field. All the players in Squad can be given an opportunity to handle the field at some point.

Wicket leo is more likely to be 100 like the first match, which will not help much balls, but the batsmen can face difficulties, the weather is expected to be pleasant.

Interestingly, since the winning 9 matches in 2015, Kangrooz has not won five consecutive matches since then, but now he will have his chance on Sunday.
Pakistan did not ever defeat Australia in Sharjah since the May 1990 Australian Aussie Cup final, while Kangrooz did not defeat any team on the venue since the defeat of India in 1998.

By Haq

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