Tomorrow it will be the biggest day of world cup 2019 because of Biggest contest of Pakistan vs India Match. Who will win Pak vs Ind CWC19 match is the hot question of today. Here we will try to present few head to head statistics which might help you to guess Pakistan vs India prediction for this match who will win and which team has better chances to win the match. On papers, India has edge , but no one can make Pakistan vs India Prediction easily. However cricket stats can help us.

India vs Pakistan, Manchester Weather Forecast Update: Will IND vs PAK end up in another washout?

آج سارا دن بارش نہں ہوئی ۔ مگر شام کو بارش سٹارٹ ہوئی۔۔۔ ہے۔۔۔ اس گراونڈ میں پہھلے بھی ایک میچ بارش کی وجہ سے منسوخ ہو چکا پے۔

India vs Pakistan World Cup 2019, Manchester Weather Forecast Report 16th June 2019 Update is here that on sat evening there is rain in before clash between arch-rivals India and Pakistan set to take place at Old Trafford Cricket ground in Manchester on Sunday.

Rain started in the evening at 5:34 pm and covers did not spread over the outfield which might raise the same issue which led to the abandonment of India’s last match, against New Zealand.

The Pak vs Ind match weather forecast is not good. There is a lot of rain expected to fall on match day. The current forecast suggests a 50% chance of rain throughout the day which may cause the match to be abandoned whics is the most awaited match of the tournament may be a washout.

Pak vs Ind prediction cwc19


As a team unit, India has won four out of the last five matches it has played against Pakistan including two in the Asia Cup. In these matches there was not Virat Kohli. in the side. Now India has strong batting line up as compared to Pakistan. but Last meeting in ICC Champions Trophy Final, Amir spell was the winning spell for Pakistan. Similarly any Star performance on the side of Pakistan can help them win this match. Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, Amir can do this.

Only individual brilliance can help Pakistan win this match.

India vs Pakistan Prediction by  Former English skipper Michael Vaughan was at it again. Vaughan said that in Pakistan vs India match, Pakistan will be a clear winner. He feels it will be an easy win for the Men in Green, who will not start as favourites against India

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