Problems in Rio Olympics  Games 2016.
Problems in Rio are surfacing quickly as  date of start of Games is coming closer.In #RioOlympics2016  athletes are facing many problems in
Olympic Village.Among #Rioproblems  are polluted water ,Zika Virus,safety,Russian doping scandal,uninhabitable Olympic Village,Air pollution,Infrastructure delays.doping lab suspension.
1. Water pollution
Water pollution is major problem in Rio.The venue for sailing,rowing and other water sports are in danger of severe water pollution.Raw sewage is flowing directly into the water from Rio  neighbourhood.Large amount of trash is also flowing in water.Rio’s water has 1.7 million times more viruses  than in a USA beach.
2. Zika Virus
The presence of Zika Virus is another problems in Rio.Zika Virus is suspected of causing birth defects.
World Health  Organization  declared Zika Virus  a global public health emergency.Some athletes decided to withdraw from  #Rio Olympics because  of Zika Virus.
3. Safety
Two members of Australian  Paralympic team were robbed in Rio. A New Zealan  athlete was kidnapped and robbed by police.There may be terror attack due to lack of security.
4 Golfers droping out.
Golf will be played first time at the Olympics ,but many  top ranking golfer has  decided to skip the event.The reason of skipping is  Zika Virus,lack of interest.
5 Russian  doping  scandal.
In 28 Olympic sports 312 positive Russian test has created a big scandal in history of Olympic .The entire track and field  team has been banned by IOC.
Russian weightlifting squad is banned from Rio olympics.
6. Uninhabitable Olympic Village
Olympic  Village  in Rio is uninhabitable   before the start of Olympic Games 2016.Out of 31 only 10 building  are inhabitable.Plumbing and electrical problems are common issue in Rio Olympic games 2016.
7. Air Pollution.
After water Pollution the next problem is Air Pollution.You can not go outside it may be even more dangerous.
8.Infrastructure  delays.
Infrastructure delays is another problems in Rio Olympic Gmaes 2016. A lack of funding has caused  seriuos  issue with both security and mobilty.Mayor of Rio  has said  that the Olympics “Could be a big failure.

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