Rio Olympic Results: 800 meters Semifinal Rio Olympics 2016

French middle distance runner Bosse Pierre-Ambroise win semifinal of 800 meters with time of 1:43.85 seconds.
Makhloufi Taoufik from Algeria was equal in time with French Runner with time of 1:43.85.
Kenya’s 800 meters runner Rudisha David Lekuta was third in 1:43.88 .
Rudisha David Lekuta is world record holder in 800 meter event .Rudisha set world record 1:40.91 in London Olympics.
No athelet can defend his title in 800 meters in Olympics after 1964.In 1964 Peter Snell defend his title in 800 meters .Now all eyes are on Rudisha can he defend his title in Rio Olympics 2016.
Rudisha has to face tough resistance from some athletes in final.His team mate Alfred Kipketer is new emerging star in 800 meters .He is 20 years old.Ferguson Rotich is another athelete from Kenya who can pose serious threat in 800 meters .Algerian runner Makhloufi Taoufik is another serious contender for 800 meters race.It is uncertain who will win 800 meters on August 15.There are many chances that on victory stand all athltes belong to Kenya.

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