Top 5 highest wicket takers bowlers in ECL19

Top 5 highest wicket takers bowlers in ECL19

First edition of European Cricket League ECL19 was played from July 29 to 31 at La Manga Club ,La Manga.V.O.C Rotterdam was declared King of Cricket In Europe.In 17 matches many   good bowling performances were seen.Every Kind of bowling was seen in ECL19.Young teen age leg spinner of Calalunya Nadeen Hussain , Unique bowling ction of Cluj Cricket Club  Romanian bowler Powel Florin. A beautiful pace bowling from young German bowler  Aziz Dawodzy and ST.Petersburg Young fast bowlers Lalit.

Top 5 most wicket takers in ECL19 are

1-Syed K Sherazi Catalunya CC 9 wickets.

In 4 Matches Syed K Sherazi took 9 wickets with average of 8.11 and Economy rate of 9.13 and SR of 5.33.His best bowling performance was 3/5 in 2 overs.

2-Zeeshan Khan Svanholm Cricket Club -8 Wickets

Svanholm CC bowler Zeeshan  Khan was  2nd highest wicket takers in ECL19.He took 8 wickets in 4 matches with economy rate of 8.25 and SR of 6  and average 8.25.Zeeshan best performance was 3/10 in 2 overs.

3-Vijay K Gautam St.Petersburg – 7 wickets

Among top 5 most wicket takers bowler in ECL19 two are from St,Petersburg Cricket Club. On number 3 most wickets taker list is Vijay Gautam who took 7 wickets with economy of 7 and average 6 and SR 5.14.His best bowling performance was 3/12.

4-Lalit  St.Petersburg  7 wickets.

Lalit is one of best discovery ECL19.His bowling action and bowling performance was excellent.He took wicket on 1st ball .Lalit took 7 wickets  with economy rate of 6.75.Lalit bowling average is 7.71 and SR 6.86.Lalit best bowling performace in ECL19 is 3/10 in 2 overs.

5-Muhammad Iqbal JCC brescia – 6 wickets

Muhammad Iqbal took 6 wickets  with economy of 10.5 and best bowling performance 3/30.

5-Pierce J Fletcher V.O.C .Notterdam  -6 Wickets

Fletcher was among highest wicket takers in ECL with 6 wickets in 5 matches.Best bowling performance was 2/14.

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