1.Usain Bolt Running Machine of Rio Olympics 2016

Usain Bolt Running Machine of Rio Olympics is participating in Fourth Olympic games.
#UsainBolt best sprinter of all times born in 21 August 1986. Usain is going to #rioolympics2016 to win gold medal in 100m and 200m in third #olympics gamed. #Bolt has participated in three olympics 2004,2008 and 2012.In 2004 at Ethen Olympics he had to withdraw in the opening round of 200m.In Beijing Olympics Bolt was at his peak,he won three gold medal in 100m,200m and 4 x100m relay .He won 100 in 9.69s in National Stadium Beijing. He won 200m gold in Beijing Olympic in 19.30s.
In London Olympic Bolt won 100m gold second time ,now his time was 9.63s.In 200m Bolt repeated his performance and won gold medal 19.32s.Bolt won third gold medal in 4 x 100m .In three olympics Bolt has won six gold medal in atheletics.Now Rio is fourth Olympic where Bolt will try to win third Consecutive gold in 100m and 200m.
Bolt has world record in 100m .In Olympiastadion Berlin he cross 100m mark in 9.58s.On 20 Aug 2009 Bolt set world record in 200m in 19.19s.
Usain Bolt has won three IAAF World Championship in 100m in 2009,2013,2015.
Usain Bolt has won 11 gold medal in IAAF Championship,three in 100m and four in 200m and 4 x 100m relay.
Usain Bolt has won two silver medal in IAAF Championship.
Usain Bolt has won 17 gold medal in athletics in Olymoic and IAAF Championship.In previous 8 years Usain Bolt was nominated 5 times World Athelete of the Year.
Usain Bolt hold the record of winning two Gold medal in 100m with great American athlete Carl Levis .Usain Bolt is only athelete who has won two gold medal in 200m.
Only two athelete has won more gold medal in Olympic than Usain Bolt,Finland middle distance runner Paavo Nurmi has won nine gold medal in three Olympic games from 1920 to 1928.In Modern era American athelete Carl Levis has won 9 gold medal in Olympic in 100m,200m, 4 x 100m relay and long Jump.Usain Bolt has won six gold medal in Olympic ,if he repeat his performance in Rio Olympic 2016 ,he cab equalize record with Carl Levis and Paavi Nurmi.

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