Babar Azam vs Dale Steyn- When Babar Azam met Dale Steyn in South Africa vs Pakistan 2019. Babar Azam set new test cricket record by hitting 21 boundaries to Dale Steyn in a test series. It is first time in Dale Steyn test career that Steyn conceded 20+ fours in a test series.

Babar Azam vs Dale Steyn Ball to ball analysis tell us how Babar faced steyn . Babar faced 78 balls from Dale Steyn and scored 92 runs hitting 21 boudires (fours) with strike rate of 118.

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The encounter Babar vs Steyn started from 1st test of series Pakistan vs South Africa 2018-19 at Centurion.

Babar Azam scored 71 runs in 79 balls with Strike rate of 89.87.

Babar face 31 balls against Dale styen and scored 43 runs with a SR of 138.71.At one stage Babar 30 runs in 51 balls. Babar scored 41 runs in next 28 balls. Babar face 24 balls of Dale steyn and scored 40 runs in 4 overs ,Dale Steyn economy rate was 10 per overs. It was like a thrilling t20 last overs game. Babar scored in 4 overs with SR of 167.The details of Babar Azam innings 71 from 79 balls vs South Africa is in table given under.

Babar Azam vs Dale Steyn 43 runs in 31 balls at Centurion 1st innings.

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In second innings Babar scored six run on 24 balls with SR of 25. Babar face six balls against Dale Steyn and scored 4 runs. Dale Steyn bowled 5 dot balls to Babar Azam. Babar Azam SR in this innings vs Dale Steyn was 67.

At Cape Town in first innings Babar scored only 2 runs and Steyn vs Babar encounter did take place. In 2nd innings at CAPE TOWN the stage was again set for Babar Azam vs Dale Steyn classic clash. In this innings Babar scored 72 runs on 87 balls with SR of 82.75 and hit 15 boundries..Babar face 29 balls vs Dale Steyn at CAPE TOWN and scored 25 runs with 5 boundaries. Steyn bowled 19 dot balls vs Babar Azam at CAPE TOWN.

5 * 4 = 20

5 * 1 = 5

19 * 0 =0

29 balls 25 runs .The details of encounter Babar Azam vs Dale Steyn at CAPE TOWN is in tha table given below


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The third encounter BABAR AZAM VS DALE STEYN took place at JOHANNESSBURG.

In this innings BABAR scored 49 runs in 55 balls with SR of 89.09 and hit 10 fours in this innings to SOUTH AFRICAN bowlers. Babar face only 12 balls of DALE STEYN at JOHANNESBURG.

Babar hit 5 fours in 12 balls spell.Babar scored 20 runs on 12 balls with SR of 167.

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The highlights of BABAR AZAM vs DALE STEYN are such that Dale Steyn will never want to face Babar AZAM at ground.

The best bowler of test cricket in this century was humiliated by this young man of age 24 years.

Babar hit most 4 to DALE STEYN in a single test series 21.The previous record belong to Engaland batsman Andrew Straus.Straus hit 19 fours in this series.Collectively Straus in 10 innings of 5 test matches scored 56 runs on 1308 balls with SR 50.15 and SR of 72.88.Straus hit 85 fours and 3 sixes in this series. He hit 19 fours to Dale Steyn which is almost 22% of total fours hit by Strauss in this series vs South Africa 2004. Straus highest score in this series was 147.

Sri Lanka legendary batsman Sangakkara hit 16 sixes to DALE STEYN in series 2006. Sangakkara scored 330 runs on 552 balls with average of 113.33 and SR of 61.59in three innings of this series. He hit 46 fours in this series .Sangakkara percentage of fours hit to Steyn by total fours hit to other South African bowlers is almost 35.

Babar Azam hit 21 fours to Steyn and total 41 fours all. The percentage of of four hit to Steyn is 51%.This is highest number of 4 hit to a single bowlers. Babar face 78 balls and struck 21 fours.The percentage of ball hit for 4 is 27%.

Babar face total 250 balls and hit 41 fours. The percentage of balls hit for four is 16.

Babar face 172 balls of other South African bowlers and hit 108 runs with a SR of 62.79 as compared to SR vs Dale Steyn 117.95.Balls hit for four to other bowlers has percentage of 11.62%.This Shows Babar was much cruel towards DALE STEYN.

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Most fours in a test series against DALE STEYN

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Babar hit 10 fours to Dale Steyn in a single innings at Centurion .This is 2nd best tally of fours vs Dale Steyn after Kevin Pietersen 12 four hit at LEEDS in 2012.In this innings of 149 Pietersen face 214 balls and hit 22 four and one six .Pietersen hit 12 fours to Dale Steyn.

Sangakkara hit 9 fours to DALE STEYN in his marathon innings of 287. Sangakkara hit 35 fours on 457 balls. Sri Lanka scored 675/5 vs South Africa at Colombo SSC.

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Fastest runs scorer vs Dale Steyn-Babar Azam on Top

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