IND vs AUS ODI SQUAD BATTING STATS – Top 6 Batsmen stats

We are going to compare Batting Stats of AUS ODI Squad and IND ODI squad. We have included 6 Regular batsmen of both squads. We have 5 parameters for Comparison in this analysis-Number of ODI played, Runs scored in ODI, Average of ODI, Batting Strike Rate and number of Centuries Scored.

Here is Table Indian batting Squad

IND ODI Batting STATS Squad – IND vs AUS 2019

[table id=40 /]

AUS ODI Batting Squad STATS – IND vs AUS 2019

[table id=41 /]

Comparison of Totals OF AUS vs IND Batting Squad

[table id=42 /]

Australian batting squad has played 46% of ODI Played by Indian batting squad.

Australia Batting Squad have scored 38% of runs scored by Indian Batting. In case of ODI hundred scored by both ODI teams. Australian batting squad is very poor in comparison of Indian Batting Squad. Australia batting squad number of hundred in less than 20% of hundred scored by Indian Team. Indian three players Virat Kohlia, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan individually scored more ODI hundred than Six Australian bats. Virat Kohli numbers of ODI hundred are double than the hundreds scored by Six Australian Batting Squad.

Average of ODI, RUNS ,AVE,SR and 100 by both teams.

[table id=43]

If we look at the table we find that India batting squad have played 117 ODI on average and Australia only 54. Ration is greater than double.

Indian batting squad member has scored 3435 and Australia 1431 . Here ratio is 1:2.5 and in case of centuries this ration is most disturbing. It is 1:5. In ODI batting average the ratio is 33:46.

If we look around the Batting SR, Australia is better in only one factor which is batting strike rate. In all other factors Indian Squad is better than Australian Squad.

Indian players have scored 16 ODI hundred as average as compared 3 to Australian Players.

All stats are before the IND vs AUS ODI series.

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