BAN vs AUS Prediction world cup 11th Match :

The BAN vs AUS prediction for the ICC Cricket World Cup 11th match, played at the Brisbane Cricket Ground on February 21, 2015, favored Australia based on several factors:

  1. Head-to-Head Matches: Australia had a significant advantage in head-to-head contests. Of the 19 times Bangladesh and Australia had played against each other, Australia had won 18 times, while Bangladesh had only won once.
  2. Toss Prediction: The prediction indicated that the team winning the toss would choose to bat first. In this case, Australia was expected to win the toss and opt to bat.
  3. Weather Report: The weather forecast for February 21 suggested clouds and a chance of heavy drizzle, which could potentially interrupt the match. This was not a favorable forecast for the 11th match.
  4. Brisbane Ground: The prediction noted that Bangladesh was playing at a large Australian ground for the first time, indicating the challenge they might face.

The experts’ predictive analytics leaned in favor of Australia due to better head-to-head statistics, the overall current form of the teams, and Australia’s strong batting line-up. It also mentioned the key players from both sides, particularly highlighting the competition between two great all-rounders, Shakib Al Hasan from Bangladesh and Glenn Maxwell from Australia.

Please note that this was a prediction made before the match took place, and the actual outcome of the match might have been different. Cricket matches can be unpredictable, and actual results may vary.

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