The PAK vs WI prediction for the ICC Cricket World Cup 9th match, which took place on February 21, 2015, at Hagley Oval, Christchurch, predicted Pakistan as the favored team based on several factors:

  1. Head-to-Head Matches: In head-to-head contests, West Indies had the advantage in terms of victories, winning 68 times compared to Pakistan’s 55. However, it was noted that West Indies was currently a weaker side compared to Pakistan.
  2. Recent ODI Series: The prediction took into account the 2013 ODI series between Pakistan and West Indies, which Pakistan won by 3-1.
  3. World Cup Encounters: The recent World Cup encounters were also considered. In the previous World Cup match between Pakistan and West Indies, Pakistan won by 10 wickets. The overall record was noted as 6 wins for West Indies and 3 wins for Pakistan in World Cup matches, but recent situations favored Pakistan.
  4. Christchurch Match: The prediction acknowledged that it was the first time Pakistan and West Indies were playing in Christchurch, and the outcome was uncertain.

The prediction concluded that, based on predictive analytics and the factors mentioned above, Pakistan was favored to win the match. It also noted that both teams had some key players missing from their line-ups, such as Saeed Ajmal for Pakistan and Sunil Narine for West Indies.

Please note that this was a prediction made before the match took place, and the actual outcome of the match might have been different. Cricket matches are subject to various uncertainties and can be influenced by the performance of the teams on the day of the match.

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