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India vs Pakistan Prediction World Cup Match on 15-02-2015

India vs Pakistan Prediction, Preview World Cup Match on 15-02-2015

Welcome our new series of world cup match prediction, We have already published a detail preview and predictions about the opening match of Sri Lanka vs New Zealand. Our experts world cup 2015 predictions will base on cricket stats analysis with complete Pakistan VS India Batting Preview, Bowling preview, Cricket ground preview and world cup head to head matches preview.

It is to remind our readers that we have our own unique and world’s best of cricket match preview and prediction which we will hope you will like the most. cricket prediction really based on history stats and records and we selected this as the main rather any astrological based prediction. Lets start for the most wanted rival of the icc cricket world cup that is Pakistan vs India on 15-02-2015. We will present it in two three parts, Pakistan vs India batting preview, Bowling preview and then will conclude the India vs Pakistan prediction for ICC Cricket world cup 2015 match on 15th Feb 2015.

India vs Pakistan batting preview

  • MS Dhoni played 254 match 8262 runs with 52.29 average and strike rate of 88.84.
  • Binni has played 9 match 91 runs with 18.2 average and 70.0 strike rate.
    S.Dhawan has played 53 matches scored 2095 runs with 42.75 average and strike rate of 89.56.
  • R Jadeja has played 111 match 1696 runs with average of 33.92 and strike rate of 84.42.
  • V. Kohli has played 150 matches and scored 6232 runs with average of 51.5 and strike rate of 90.17.
  • A.Rahane has played 46 ODI 46 match and scored 1376 runs with average 30.57 and strike rate of 76.57.
  • S.Raina has played 207 matches and scored 5104 runs with average of 35.34 and strike rate of 92.98.
  • A.Rayudu has played 27 matches and scored 743 runs with average of 41.27 and strike rate of 75.50.
  • R.Sharma has played 127 matches and scored 3890 runs with average of 81.55 .

Player to Player Match experience Preview

The figures shows out of 9 batsmen one player has played 250+ ODI, one in range of 200 t0 250, one in range of 150 to 200 and two in range of 100 to 150 , two in range of 50 to 100 and three has played less than 50 ODI.
We can three less experienced, two experienced ,two more experienced, one much experienced and one most experienced bat is in Indian batting line.
Indian average batting experience per player is 109 matches.

India Players experience preview in Batting average

Out of nine bats two has average above 50 two from 40 to 45,two from 35 to 40 and two 3o to 35 and one below 30.
We can say one batsmen is below average ,two average, two good, two better and two in excellent plus best category.

If we take the average of Indian batsmen batting average ,this is 38.31.

PAK vs IND Indian batting preview Strike rate

If we take the strike rate of Indian batting line then there are two batsmen who have strike rate more than 90,three from 85 to 90 and one from 80 to 85 and two from 75 to 80.
We can say that two batsmen strike rate is below average, one average, three good and two better strike rate.
If We consider the overall these nine batsmen their average strike rate is 85.31.

India Vs Pakistan Total score prediction for Indian Batting

As mentioned in the above players preview now we can predict well that If all batsmen will score with their standard form, average and strike rate without any extra ordinary inning like Rohit Sharma world record 264  then Indian Side will has Total score 255 to 260 runs in 50 overs.

Pakisatn Batting Preview

In comparison the Pakistani batting has these figures.
Ahmed Shazad has played 58 ODI and scored 1985 runs with average of 34.82 and strike rate of 72.02 .
Haris Sohail has played 11 matches and scored 309 runs with average of 34.33 and strike rate of 79.02.
Pakistani Skipper Misbah ul Haq has played 155 matches and scored 4772 runs with average of 42.99 and strike rate of 73.65.
Pakistani opener Nasir Jamshed has played 45 ODI and scored 1413 runs with average of 33.64 and strike rate of 76.04.
Pakistani Wicket keeper batsmen Sarfraz Ahmed has played 36 ODI and scored 473 runs with average of 23.65 and strike rate of 84.76.
Shahid afridi has played 391 matches and
Pakistani Batsmen Sohaib Maqsood has played 18 matches and scored 572 runs with average of 35.75 and strike rate of 83.01.
Umar Akmal has played 104 ODI and scored 2794 runs with average of 35.24 and strike rate of 86.01.
Pakistani batsman Younis Khan has played 261 ODI and scored seven thousand runs with average of 31.56 and strike rate of 75.32.

Pakistan batting preview player experience

In case match experience preview one player has played more than 350+ and one player 250 to 300 ,one in range of 150 to 200 ,one from 100 to 150 and four below 50.
We can say that four batsmen are less experienced, one more experience, one most experienced and one with golden experience.

India Vs Pakistan preview Pakistan Batting preview player experience

In case of batting average preview two batsmen have average less than 25 ,four from 30 to 35 and two from 35 to 40 and one from 40 to 45.
In batting preview two are below average,four average and two good and one has better average.

India Vs Pakistan preview Batting preview batting SR

Out of these nine batsmen two have strike rate 70 to 75 and three have 75 to 80 and two 80 to 85 and one from 85 to Pakistani batsmen has strike rate more than 100.
We can say that two player have poor strike rate ,three below average two average and one good and one best plus excellent.

India Vs Pakistan  Total score Prediction for Pakistan batting on 15-02-2015

As per the batting stats provided above can make prediction that If we take the average strike rate of all Pakistani batsmen. This is 82.95 If all Pakistani batsmen play according to their statistic then Pakistan would have total score 249 to 25o runs in 50 overs.