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Rio Olympics 2016 Athletes to be watched

Rio Olympics  2016  Athletes to be Watched : More than 10,000 athletes will compete in the first edition of the Rio Olympics 2016 in different Games in Brazil. The battle to qualify, which began in 2014, is still going on and concludes shortly before the Games, when the official list of athletes will be confirmed. Here are Top 5 Athlete for 200M of the world who can make history in the #rioOlympics2016.

Rio Olympics 2016 is center stage  for performance  of many great athletes of moderen era.Many experienced player will defend thier reputationa and title in Rio Olympic Games 2016.Some young and emerging player will entertain  the audience by great performance in #Rio2016.Many old records will be broken in Rio  Olympics Games  2016.

Most watched athletes in Rio Olympics  2016

1.Usain Bolt (Jamaica) 100m,200m  ,100 x 4 relay.

Usain Bolt RIO Olympics 2016Usain Bolt will defend 100 meters and 200 meters Olympic  title in Rio Olympics 2016.Usain Bolt is  world record holder in 100 meters and 200m .Usain Bolt set world record 9.58 second  in 100 meters event.Usain Bolt set world Record in 200m    event coverd in 19.19 second.Usain bolt is ranked 4th in 100 m and ranked  5th in 200m events.
2. David Lekuta Rudisha(Kenya) 800 meters

Kenyan athlete David Lekuta Rudisha  is favorite for 800m  events in Rio Olympics 2016.David Lekuta Rudisha  is World and Olympic champion in 800 m.Rudisha is current World record holder and 1 ranked in 800 meters.Rudisha best time in 800 meters is 1:41.01.If Rudisha will win it will be first time  after 1964 when a title holder defend his title in 800 meters.

3. Mohamed Farah (UK) 5000m ,10,000m

Mo Farah Rio Olympics 2016
Mohamed Farah Somalia born UK athlete  is defending two Olympic title in Rio Olympic Gamed 2016.Mohamed Farah won gold medal in London Olympics  2012.Farah has won three World Championship in 5000 meters and two World Championship in 10,000  meters.Farah best time in  10,000 is  26:46.57. Farah best time in 5000 meters is  12:53.11.Mohamed Farah is ranked 1 in 5000m event and ranked 2nd 10,000 meters.
4.  Ashton Eaton  (USA )Pentathlon

Ashton Eaton USA Pentathlon athlete is another player to watch in Rio Olypics 2016.Ashton Eaton is world Champion in Pentathlon and Currently World record holder  in Pentathlon.Ashton will defend his title in Rio Olympic Games 2016.Ashton won Gold medal in Pentathlon in London Olympics 2016.Ashton became second player in Decathlon history who scored more than 9000 pointas in Decathlo n.Ashton scored 9045 points in Beijing in  2015  in World Athletics Championship.

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