Top 5 athletes in 200 m event in Rio Olympics 2016

Here is list of top five athletes in 200 m event in #rio2016. who is the best sprinter in 200 m  #Merritt, #Bolt, #Gatlin.Rio Olymoics 2016  stage will be set after few days.can Usain bolt repeat his performance in third olympics by winning Gold medal in #Rioolympics2016  200 m event?. Merrit great athlete in 200 and 400 m events in  favorites.
1. LaShawn Merritt (USA)
LaShan Merritt  US sprinter for 2oo m event born on 27 July 1986.#LaShawnMerritt is now 30 years old.#Merritt is currently ranked 1 in IAAF ranking.LaShawn Merritt best performance in 2016 is 19.74 seconds in 200m events.LaShawn  Merritt carrier best performance is also 19.74 on 8 July 2016.
From 2003 to 2016 in two years LaShawn Merritt  remained under 20s in 200m events.Now LaShawn Merritt is in his best form of his carrier.
2. Justin Gatlin USA
Justin Gatlin at the afe of 34 years is performing welll.Justin Gatlin is ranked no 2 in 200m in IAAF ranking.Gatlin is ranked 1 in 100m for Rio Olympics 2016.Gatlin best performance in 200 m in current year is 1975 at Eugene(Hayward Field),OR.Justin Gatlin carrier best performance in 200m is 19.57 seconds on 28 June 2015.Gatlin performance in 200m is consistent in last three years.His best performance for three years are under 19.75 seconds.

3.  Ameer Webb USA
USA sprinter Ameer Web is ranked three for Rio Olympics 2016 by IAFF ranking. Ameer best performance in 2016 is 19.85 seconds. Ameer web 27 years old. Ameer Webb carrier best performance is also 19.85 for 200m event on 06 May 2016 at Doha(Hamad Bin Suhaim Stadium).Ameer first time broke barrier of 20s in 2016.
4. Miguel Francis (Antigua)
Antigua sprinter Miguel Francis is ranked 4th for Rio Olympics 2016 in ranking of IAAF.Miguel best performance in 200m event for years 2016 is 19.88.Miguel broke under 20 barrier in 2oom first time in 2016.Miguel is 21 years old,large expectation are from this young athlete.
5. Usain Bolt (Jamica)
Jamican Athlete Usain Bolt is currently ranked 5th in Rio Olympic Games 2016 by ranking of IAAF. Usain Bolt best performance in 2016 is 19.89. Usian Bolt is two time Olympic Champion in 200m event .Usain won Gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 and London Olympic 2012. Usain best performance in 200m is 19.19seconds. On 16 August 2009 at Berlin(OlympiaStadion) Bolt set world record in 200 meters.

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