The Opening ceremony Rio Olympics 2016
The opening ceremony of 31st Summer Olympic Games 2016 will start in Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro on Fraiday 5 August at 20:00 BRT.The opening ceremony of #RioOlympics2016 will show the host nation’s culture.It will include welcoming speeches from Olympic Federation representative and host nation head of states and organizors of
2016 Rio Olympic Games.Hoisting of flags and parade of athletes is also part of opening
ceremony of #RioOlympic2016.

Creative Directors:
Renowned Brazilian renowned film directors: Fernando Meirelles(City of God) and Daniela
Thomas ,co-director of Handover from London 2012 will take the responsibility of creative
director of the opening ceremony.
The face value of tickets will range from US$85 for E category to US$1949 for category A.
The opening and closing ceremonies of Rio Olympic 2016 will be low-budget production
as compare to ceremonies of London Olympic 2012 and Beijing Olympic 2008.
London spent approximately $104 million and Rio will spend one-tenth of London.
Over 6000 volunteers will take part in Opening ceremony of Rio Olympic 2016.More than 10,000 athletes will parade in opening ceremony of Olympic 2016.More than 100 head of states will view the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016.
The team will enter in stadium according to Alphabetical order of Purtuguese.
Greece will lead the parade of athelets.Host Brazil squad will be in last.More than 200 nation will participate in opening ceremony of Rio Olympics 2016.
TV Coverage:
NBC will broadcast Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony.In Uk BBC will telecast live opening ceremony.London Olympics ceremony was watched 40 million American.It is estimated viewership record will be broken for opening ceremony of Rio Olympics.

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