Flag bearer of Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony.
Flag bearer on Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony #Rio 2016 of some countries are listed.
1. Australia: Anna Meares Cyclist
Anna Meares will be flag bearer of Australia Squad in #RioOlympics2016 .Anna Meares 32 years old has won gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 and London Olympic 2012.

2. Canada: Rosie Maclennan

Rosie MacLennan Trampoline Gold medalist in London Olympics 2016 will be flag bearer of Canada Olympic Squad for Rio Olympics 2016.Canada won 18 medals in London and only one gold medal in Trampolin.

3. France: Teddy Riner (Judo)

Teddy Riner will be flag bearer of French Squad in Rio Olympics 2016.Teddy Riner is gold medalist in Olympic and eight World Championships.Tedday Riner born in April 7,1989.Teddy Riner won olymplic Gold medal in 2012 London Olympics by defeating Russian Alexander Mikhaylin.

4. India: Abhinav Singh Bindra (Shooter)

Abbinav Singh Bindra will be flag bearer of Indian Olympic Squad in Rio Olympic 2016.Abhinav won gold medal in in the 10m Air Rifle event in Beijing Olympic 2008.Abhinav became first Indian to win an individual Gold in Olympic Games.It was Indian first gold medal after 1980 when indian won gold medal in field hockey.

5. Russia : Sergei Tetyukhin (Voley ball)
The flag bearer at #RioOlympics2016 of Russian Squad will be Sergei Tetyukhin.Sergei Tetyukhin is Russian volley ball player.Sergei Tetyukhin is making his sixth Olympic appearance at #Rio2016 at age of 40.

6. South Korea : Gu Bon-gil(Fencing).

Fencer Gu Bon-gil will carry South Korean Flag in #Rio2016 Olympic opening ceremony.Gu Won gold medal in London Olympic 2012.Korea won 13 Gold medal in london Olympic 2012.Gu will lead 204 South Korean Athlete in Rio Olympics 2016.

7. South Africa: Wayde Van Niekerk (athelet)

World 400m Champion Wayde van Niekerk will be flag bearer of South Africa in Rio Olympic 2016 in Olympic ceremony. 24 years old Wayde van Niekerk will lead 137 memeber of South Africa Squad.

8 UAE :Nada al Bedawawi(Swimmer)

In Rio Olympics 2016 the flag bearer of UAE Squad for opening ceremony #Rio2016 will
be 18 years old Nada Al Bedawawi.Nida is fisrt Emirati Olympic swimmer flag bearer.She
is participating in 50m free style.UAE is sending 13 member squad for Rio Olympic 2016.Four are women.

9. Germany
The flag bearer in Rio Olympics 2016 for German Olympic squad will be choosen by fans from a shortlist of five veteran Olympians.
In Rio Olympic 2016 German Squad will be consist of 424 athletes. Five nominated player for Rio Olympics 2016 are :
1. Tim Boll (table Tennis player)

Tim Boll two times Olympic medalist in Table Tennis.Tim Boll will be competing in his fifth Olympic Games at Rio 2016.

2. Moritz Furste Captain German Filed Hockey team.

Moritz Furste was member of winning team of field hockey in Beijing Olympic 2008, London Olympic 2012. Moritz is now captain of the German team and playing his third Olympic Games.

3.Ingrid Klimke

Ingrid Klimke is participating in fifth Olympic Games.She was eventing team champion in Beijing Olympic 2008 and London Olympic 2016.

4.Lena Schoneborn Pentathlon champion.

Lena Schoneborn is fourth contender for flag bearer of German Squad in #RIo2016.Lena won gold medal in
modern pentathon event in Beijing Olympic 2016.Lena is participating in her third Olympic. Games.

5. Kristina Vogel Cycling Champion

Kristina Vogel sprint cycling champion in London Olympic 2012 is fifth contender for flag bearrer of German Squad in #RioOlympics2016.

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