Who will win 100m race in Rio Olympic 2016 ?.
Who will win 100 m race in Rio Olympic 2016.It is one billion Dollar question.Who will be the fastest man on earth in Rio 2016.There are four contender for this award.
1. Justin Gatlin(America)
Justin Gatlin American sprinter born on 10 Feb 1982.Juston Gatlin won Gold medal in 2004 Athenes Olympic.When Usain Bolt had to with draw due to fitness problem.Gatlin won 100m race in 9.85 second.Gatalin best performance in 100 m is 9.74 seconds on 15 May 2015.Gatalin best performance in years 2016 is 9.80 seconds.Justin Gatalin is currently ranked 1 in IAAF ranking .
2. Usain Bolt(Jamica)
Usain Bolt is ranked 4 in IAAF ranking.Usain Bolt is hot contender for 100 m Gold medal in Rio Olympics 2016.Usain Bolt has won 100 m Gold in Beijing Olympic 2008 and London Olympics 2012.Bolt has won six gold medal in last two Olympic games.Bolt is participating in his fourt Olympic Games since 2004.Bolt is 30 years old.Usian Bolt best performance in 100m is 9.58 on 16 August 2009 at Berlin(Olympiastadion).Bolt best performance in 2016 is 9.88 second for 100m on 11 june 2016 at Kinston(NS),Jamica.
3. Jimmy Vicaut(France)
Jimmy Vicaut is french sprinter who is ranked 3 by IAAF.Jimmy Vicaut is another contender for 100 meter race in Rio Olympic 2016.Jimmy best performance in 2016 is 9.86 on 7 June 2016 at Montreuil-sous-Bois.Jimmy Vicaut best in 100m is 9.86.Jimmy best time in 2009 was 10.5 which he has improved to 9.86 in 2016.Jimmy is 24 years old.There are great chances of his improvement.Jimmy can be dark horse in Rio Olympics 2016 in 100m sprint.
4.Trayvon Bromell (America)
Trayvon Bromell is current ranked 2 in IAAF ranking.He is youngest athlete in 100m contender for Gold medal in Rio Olympic.Bromell best time in 2016 is 9.84 on 03 July 2016 at Eugene(Hayward Field),OR. Trayvon Bromell has improved lot since 2012 from 10.40 to 9.84 in 2016.Trayon is 21 years old but his performance is constant since 2015.Trayvon Young blood can create history.
Conclusion.Usain Bolt is still best he has run 100m in 9.79 second just one years ago which is best performance from his closest rival.Gatlin ia 34 years old ,Usain is 30 years old.Jimmy and Trayvon performance is stagnant from 2015 to 2016.In Rio Olympics 100 m race will be competition between experienced Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin and Young blood of Trayvon Bromell and Jimmy Vicaut.
South African sprinter Akani Simbine with best time 9.89 will be another good athlete in 100 m event..Femi Ogunode will represent Qatar in Rio Olympic 2016 .Femi best time in 100 m is 9.91.

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