Top 5  athletes 400 m event #RioOlympics2016
Here is a list of top 5  athletes participating in 400 m event in #Rio2016.These top five athletes are competing gold medal in 400 meters event.The stage has set in #rioolympics 2016 to decide who is on top among #top5 400m sprinters.
1. LaShawn Merritt (USA)  400 m 
USA sprinter LaShawn Merritt is ranked 1 in 400 m in IAAF ranking . LaShawn  Merritt best performance in 2016 is 43.97 on 03 July 2016 at Eugene(Hayward Field) ,OR.
#Merritt best performance in carrier is 43.65 second on 26 August 2015 at Beijing.
LqShawn won gold medal in 400m event in Beijing Olympics 2008. LaShawn is strong
candidate for gold medal in 400 meter.His individual record 43.65 is fifth best time in
400m event .LaShawn is only sprinter who ran 400 m under 44 seconds in 2016.
2. Kirani James (Grenada) 400 m
Kirani James 23 years old Grenada sprinter is ranked 2 in Rio Olympics 2016 in IAAF
ranking.Kirani James best performance in 400m in year 2016 is 44.08 second.
Kirani best performance in 400m is 43.74 seconds on 03 July 2014.
3. Wayde Van Niekerk (South Africa) 400 m 
South African sprinter Wayde Van Niekerk is ranked 3rd in 200 m event in Rio Olympics 2016 by IAAF ranking.Wayde Van Niekerk best time in 2016 is 44.11 seconds. Wayde Van Niekerk career best performance in 400m event is 43.48 on 26 August 2015 at Beijing(National Stadium). 22 years old Wayde Van Niekerk was unbeaten in years 2015.Wayde Van Niekerk is fourt sprinter who break 44 second for 400m and 20 seconds for 200m.Other three men are Michael Johnson,LaShawn Merrit and Isaac Makwala.
4. Baboloki Thebe (Botswana) 400 m
Baboloki Thebe Botwana sprinter in 400 m is ranked 4th in Rio Olympics 2016 in IAAF ranking.
Baboloki best time in 2016 is 44.22s in year 2016.Baboloke Thebe is only 19 years old. Baboloki Thebe career best performance in 400 m is 44.22 second on 21 May 2016.
5. Tony McQuay USA
USA 400 meter sprinter Tony McQuay is ranked 5th in 400 m in Rio Olympics 2016 in IAAF ranking. 26 years old Tony has improved lot since 2009 to 2016 from 46.84 second to 44.24 seconds.

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