Rio Olympics preview prediction gymnastics : who will win Floor exercise Simone Biles,Aly Raisman or Wang Yan.

In gymnastics floor exercise event USA gymnast Simone Biles will try to win her Fourth gold medal in Rio Olympics 2016.Simone Biles has already won three Olympic gold medal and one Bronze medal in Rio Olympic 2016.Simons Biles has won three World Championship in Gymnastics.
USA gymnastic team captain Aly Raisman is another contender for gold medal in floor exercise.Aly Raisman has also one gold medal and one silver medal in Rio Olympics 2016.Raisman won gold medal in London Olympics 2012.She has won five Olympic medals in Gymnastics before this event.If She wins another she will be six medals winner
Mai Murakami of Japan and Wang Yan of China are also good competitors in Floor exercise in Gymnastics.
After some time it will be decided who will win gold medal in floor exercises.

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