Top scorer in ICC Cricket World Cup 1975 to 2019

Top scorer in ICC Cricket World Cup 1975 to 2019 – Rohit Sharma TOP Runs scorer ICCCWC 2019

#1 ICC CWC 1975 – Glenn Turner

In 1975 first ODI world cup was played as prudential World Cup. New Zealand batsman Glenn Turner was top scorer of 1975.In 4 innings he scored 333 runs .In 4 innings he scored two hundred with average of 166.50 with SR of 68.51

#2 ICC CWC 1979 – Gordan Greenidge 253 Runs.

In Prudential World Cup 1979 West Indies won the title.This was second Cricket World Cup organized by ICC.West Indian Opener Gorden Greenidge was top score of the Cup with 253 Runs in 4 innings.In 4 innings he scored one hundred and two fifties with average of 84.33 and SR of 62.31.

#3 ICC CWC 1983- David Gower

In 1983 Cricket World Cup David Gower was top scorer with 384 runs in 4 innings.India won this Cup by beating West Indies in Final.India beat England in Semi Final.

Gower scored 384 runs in 7 innings with average of 76.80 and SR of 84.95

#4 ICC CWC 1987 – Graham Gooch -471 Runs

Fourth ICC CWC was played in India and Pakistan. This was first time that World Cup played outside England. Australia won the title by beating England in Final. England batsman Graham Gooch was top scorer with 471 runs .Graham Gooch scored 471 runs in 8 innings with average of 58.87 and SR of 70.29.

#5 ICC CWC 1992 -Martin Crow -456 Runs

fifth Cricket World Cup was played in Australia and New Zealand. Pakistan won the title by beating England in Final.

New Zealand Captain Martin Crow was top scorer of ICC CWC 1992 with 456 Runs .New Zealand lost to Pakistan in Semi Final.In 9 innings Crowe scored 456 runs with average of 114.00 and SR of 90.83 .Crowe scored one hundred and 5 fifties in 9 innings.

#6 ICC CWC 1996 -Sachin Tendulkar 523 Runs.

6th ICC CWC was played in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India.

Sri Lanka won the title.This Cricket World Cup was called Wills World Cup. Sri Lanka won this Cup by beating Australia

in Final at Qadafi Stadium Lahore.India lost to Sri Lanka in Semi Final. Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar scored 523 runs in ICC CWC 1996. He was top scorer of the Cricket World Cup 1996.In 7 innings Tendulkar scored 523 runs with average of 87.16 and SR of 85.87 in ICC Cricket World Cup 1996.He scored 2 hundred and 3 fifties in 7 innings.

#7 ICC CWC 1999 -Rahul Dravid -461 Runs.

In 7th cricket World Cup played at England Australia won the title second time. Australia defeated Pakistan in Final .Indian batsman Rahul Dravid was top scorer of ICC CWC 1999 with 461 Runs.Indian Team was eliminated in Super Six round.In 8 innings Rahule Dravid scored 461 runs with average of 65.85 and SR of 85.52 . Dravid scored 2 hundred and 3 fifties in ICC

CWC 2011.

#8 ICC CWC 2003 -Sachin Tendulkar 673 Runs.

8th edition of ICC Cricket World Cup was played in 2003.It was co hosted by South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe

Australia won this Cup and became first country who won ICC CWC three times. Australia also become second country

after west Indies who won Cricket World Cup two times in a row. In this World Cup Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar became top scorer with 673 runs. He became first player who was top scorer in two ICC CWC history. He also became highest scorer in any World Cup with 673 runs .He was first batsman who scored above 600 hundred in a single World Cup.Tendulkar scored 673 runs in 11 innings with average of 61.18 and SR of 89.25. He scored one hundred and 6 fifties.

#9 ICC CWC 2007 -Mathew Hayden 659 Runs

In 2007 Australia became first country who won ICC CWC three times in a row. ICC CWC 2007 was played at West Indies. Australia won the title 4th time in history and third time in a row. Mathew Hayden was top scorer in ICC CWC 2007 with 659 runs. He scored 659 runs in 10 innings with average of 73.22 and SR of 101.07.He scored 3 hundred and one fifty in ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

#10 ICC CWC 2011 -Tillakaratne Dilshan 500 Runs

ICC CWC 10th edition was played at Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh. India won this title and became third coiuntry who won ICC CWC more than once after Australia and West Indies.Tillakaratne Dilshan was top scorer in ICC CWC 2011.Dilshan scored 500 runs in ICC CWC 2011.

In 9 innings he scored 500 runs with average of 62.50 and SR of 90.74 Dilshan scored 2 hundred and two fifties

#11 ICC CWC 2015 Martin Guptill 500 Runs

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was 11th edition of CWC. Australia won the title 5th time .Australia beat New Zealand in Final. Martin Guptil of New Zealand was top scorer who scored 547 runs in CWC 2015 with average of 68.37 in 9 innings and SR of 104.58. Guptill scored 2 hundred and one fifty.Guptill scored highest scorer in World Cup history 237*.

#12 ICC CWC 2019 Rohit Sharma 647 Runs

12th ICC Cricket World Cup is still in progress .At group stage Rohot Sharma is top scorer in CWC 2019. Rohit has scored 647 runs in 8 innings.Indian innings in semifinal vs New Zealand is in waiting. If Rohit Sharma score 27 runs vs New Zealand ,he will become top scorer in CWC history in one edition. Rohit Sharma has scored 5 hundred in CWC 2019.He became first player who scored 5 hundred in Cricket World Cup.Rohit Sharma has scored 6 hundred in ICC Crikcet World Cup.He is joint record holder with Sachin Tendulkar who also scored 6 hundred in CWC history.Rohit average is 92.42 and SR 98.77.

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