Weightlifting records set at Rio Olympic 2016

Many old record are broken in Rio Olympics 2016 and many new records set by weightlifters in weightlifting .

Men’s 56 Kg Long Quingquan(China) 170 kg

In Men’s 56kg category of Weightlifting Chinese Weightlifter set new Olympic records by lifting 170kg weight on August 7,2016 in Rio Olympics 2016.

Men’ 56 Kg Long Qingquan (China) 307 Kg

In 56 kg Chinese Weightlifter lifted total 307 kg on August 7,2016.Qingquan set new Olympic and World record in Men’s 56 Kg.

Men’s 77kg Lyu Xiaojun (China) 177kg

Chinese weightlifter Lyu Xiaojun set new Olympic and world record by lifting 177kg weight in 77 kg category of Weightlifting in Rio Olympics 2016.
Kazakastan Weightlifter Rahimov Nijat lifted total 214 kg in Men 77 kg category.Nijat set new Olympic and world record in weightlifting.

Women’s 53kg Li Yajun (China) 101kg

Chinese weightlifter Li Yajun set new Olympic record in Women’s 53kg category of weightlifting.She lifted 101 kg weight on August 7,2016.

Women’s 58kg Srisurat Sukanya(Thailand)

In Women’s 58kg category Thailand’s weightlifter Srisurat Sukanya set new Olympic record by lifting 110 kg weight on August 8,2016.

Women’s 63kg Zhang Jingjing(China) 147kg

Chinese weight lifter Zhang Jingjing set two Olympic and World Record in 63kg category of weightlifting in Rio Olympic 2016.Zhang lifted 147kg in and set new Olympic and World record .

Women’s 63kg Zhang Jingjing(China) 262kg

Zhang lifted total 262kg weight in Women’s 63kg category and set new Olympics and World record in 63kg category of weightlifting in Rio Olympics 2016.

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