who will win men 62 kg weightlifting gold medal #2016rioOlympics

Who  will be  winner of Gold medal in Weightlifting 62 kg in Rio Olympics 2016.Can
In #RioOlympics2016 Weightlifting is major game.In 15 categories Men compete for 8 Gold medals and Women Compete for 7 Gold medals.Men Categories are 56kg,62kg,69kg,77kg,85kg,94kg,105kg and +105 kg.In 62 category 18 weight lifters are competing from 15 nation in #RioOlympics Games 2016.

Weightlifting Olympic record 62 kg.

In 62 kg category olympic record for  Snatch is 153 Kg  set by Kim Un-guk of People republic of Korea in London Olympics 2013.
In Clean & jerk Oscar Figueroa of Colombia  set Olympic record by lifting 177 kg weight in 62 kg Category in London Olympics 2012.
In Total Korean Weightlifter Kim Un-guk set olympic record by lifting 327 kg weight in london Olympics 2012 in 62 kg.

World Record 62kg Weight lifting Category

On 21 September 2014 at Incheon, South Korea  Weightlifter Kim Un-guk  set world record in 62 kg by lifting 154kg Weight in Snach. In Clean  & Jerk Chinese weightlifter Chen Lijun lifted 333 kg on 22 November 2015 at Houston,United States.
In 62kg category total weight record belong to Chinese Weight Lifter Chen Lijun. Chen Lijun lifted 333kg weight in Snatch and Clean &jerk  and set new world record in62 kg category.

who will win 62 Kg weightlifting Rio Olympics 2016

Olympic champion Un-Gun kim is banned for drug.
Chinese weightlifter Lijun Chen is favorite in Rio Olympic Games 2016 in 62 kg category in Weihtlifting.Lijun is current world Champion and world record holder in 62 kg category.He has won 2013 and 2015 World Championships.Colombian weight lifter Francisco Mosquera is other contender for medal in 62 kg category.
Oscar Figuera , Colombian weightlifter is another athlete in 62 category in weightlifting.

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