Who will win 400 meters race in #RioOlympics2016.

Who will win 400 meters race in Rio Olympics 2016 ?.In athletics 400 m event most exciting track and field event in #Rio2016.#RioOlympics2016 has a lot to offer but a strong competition for 400m title is expected.Four athletes are favorites for this title.US athlete Lashawn Merritt is currently ranked 1 in 400 meters in Rio Olympics 2016.Merritt has best time in 2016 in 400 meters 43.97.Merritt’s career best time in 400 m is 43.65.
Grenada’s runner Kirani James is ranked 2nd in 400 meters in Rio Olympics 2016. 23 years old Kirani James has 44.08 second time in 2016.Kirani career best time in 400 meters race is 43.74.
South African sprinter Wayde Van Niekerk is ranked 3rd in 400m events in Rio Olympics 2016 in IAAF ranking.Wayde Van Niekerk is 22 years old.He is currently world champion in 400 m event. Wayde Van Niekerk’s career best in 400m is 43.48 seconds.Niekerk was unbeaten in years 2015.
Baboloki Thebe is Botswana runner in 400 m. Baboloki is ranked fourth in 400 meters.Baboloki is 19 years old .His career best time is 44.22 seconds.
In 15th IAAF World Championship on August 23 August 2015 three top athletes time for competition was under 43.8 seconds.South African Niekerk won the race with 43.48 seconds.LaShawn Merritt was second with 43.65 seconds and Kirani James with 43.78 seconds.
Niekerk’s time was 6th best time in 400m race .He was fourth fastest man in 400m history after Michael Johnson,Harry Reynolds and Jeremy Wariner.
Michael Johnson’s 43.18 second is the best timein 400 meter history.Johnson set this world record on 26 August 1999.After 17 years no athlete can challange this record.USA athlete Jermy Wariner reached 43.45 second mark in 1997.Can Niekrek pose a serious threat to Michael Johnson 43.18 second time is a serious question.
If we select six best athletes in 400 meters history ten two will be participating in this event in Rio Olympics 2016.Among 8 best athlete of 4oo meters history three will be on track in 2016 Rio Olympics.
Can experienced merritt will hold dominance in years 2016?. What surprise will be from Wayde van Niekerk and Kirani James.

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