Rio Olympic 2016 100 meters men race Usain Bolt vs Justin Gatlin

Who will win 100 meters men  race in #RioOlympics2016 Usain Bolt  or Justin Gatlin.Can Usain Bolt retains 100 meter title in #Rio2016.There are many factors which will decide  who will win the 100  meter run off  in #Rio2016. What is qualifying time of Usain Bolt in 100m ?.
What is qualifying time of Justin Gatlin in 100m?
How many time Usain Bolt retain 100 meter title vs Justin Gatlin.
What is best time of Usain Bolts in 100 meter ?
What is the best time of Justin Gatlin in 1oo meters.
Age  factor  Usain Bolts vs Justin Gatlin .
Justin Gatlin qualifying time for Rio Olympics 2016 was 9.80.Usain Bolt  qualifying time for Rio Olympics  2016 was  9.88.
Justin Gatlin won 100 meter title in Athens Olympic 2004 when Usain Bolt  had to with draw due to injury.Usain Bolt won 100m title vs Justin Gatlin in Beijing Olympics 2008 .Usain Bolt retain his 100 meter title in London Olympics  2012 vs Justin Gatlin.Usain Bolt time for olympic title in Beijing Olympic 2008 was  9.69  seconds and in London Olympics 2012  Usain Bolt time was 9.63 seconds.
Justin Gatlin  won 100 meter title in 2004 Olympics in  9.85 seconds.
Justin Gatlin is 34 years old and Usain Bolt is 30 years old.Usain Bolt is younger vs Justin Gatlin.
Justin Gatlin ranked  1  in Rio Olmpics 2016  in 100 metre race.Usain Bolt is ranked 4th in Rio Olympics 2016. Usain Bolt has won two title is 100m,two in 200m and two team title in  100 x 4.Justin Gatlin has won only one Gold medal in Olympic Games  where Usain has won 6 Gold Medals and 4 individual title in Olympic Games since 2004 to 2012.
Justin Gatlin best time is 100 meter is 9.74 seconds.
Usain Bolt best time for 100m  race is 9.58 seconds.

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