Who will win 200 meters event  in #RioOlympics2016?
Who will win 200 meters gold  medal in #RioOlympics 2016?.All eyes will be set on  top   5 best sprinter in 200m in Rio Olympics 2016 on August 19,2016 when final of 200m will take place..These top  5 athletes in 200 m event are Usain Bolt,LAShawn Merritt, Justin Gatlin, Ameer Webb and Miguel Francis.
In 200m  event in Rio #Olympics2016 Jamican Athlete Usain Bolt is favorite.
Usian Bolt has won 200 m in last two olympics.Bolt won  Gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 and then make double in London Olympics 2012.Usain Bolt hold world record in 200m .Usain corved 200m in 19.19 seconds.Usain bolt is ranked 5th in 200m in #Rio2016 Olympics by IAAF ranking.
US sprinter Lashawn Merritt is real danger for Usain Bolt in 200 m in Rio Olympics 2016.Merritt has best performance in 2016 in 200m .Merritt is ranked 1 in 200 m in Rio Olympic 2016.Merrit best time in 200m is 19.74 seconds.Merrit is 30 years old.
Third athlete who can win 200m in Rio Olympics 2016 is US sprinter Justin Gatlin.Gatlin in 34 years age is still  very good and ranked 2 in 200m in Rio Olympics 2016.Gatlin best performance is 200m is 19.57 seconds.Gatlin won gold medal in 200 m in Athens Olympic 2004.
Another Us athlete who can win 200m in Rio Olympics 2016 is Ameer Webb. Ameer Web is 27 years old and ranked 3 in 200 m in IAAF ranking in Rio Olympics 2016.Ameer Webb best time in 200m 19.85 second.
Antiguan sprinter Miguel Francis in another contender for winning 200m in Rio Olympics 206.
Miguel is 21 years old and he has best time in 200m  19.88 seconds.
It is very interesting who will win 200m event in Rio Olympics 2016.Experienced Gatlin,record holder Usain Bolt or inform Merritt.Can young blood of Ameer web and Miguel turn the table It will be decided on  Friday August  19,2016.The timing for 200 m is 20:10 by Rio time.

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