Men 400 meters World Record history 1968(A lee Evan) to 2016(Wade Van Niekerk)

Men 400 meters World record history : Wayde Van Niekerk 43.03 seconds

Wayde van Niekerk of South Africa broke 17 years old World record in men’s 400m event set by Michael Johnson in 1999.Michael Johnson created world record in 1999 in 43.15 seconds.It is the oldest record in sprint event.In 100 meters Usain Bolt set the mark 9.58 second.In 200m Usain Bolt hold the record in 200 meters in 19.19 seconds set in 2009.In 400 m event Michael Johnson record of 43.15 second was considered a very high mark in sprint event .No body can Imagine this record could be broken in Rio Olympics 2016.Wayde van Niekerk did that on August 14,2016.A race which was considred most tough competition among USA athlete LaShawn Merritt ,Olympic Champion Kirani James and Wade van Niekerk.Wade Wan Niekerk won the race convincingly by a big margin.Wade Wan Niekerk set World record in 43.03 second by shattering old record by marginog .15 seconds.
The progress of 400 m world record from 1968 to 2016 is shown below.Record set by A lee Evan in 1968 for race 43.86 seconds stood for 29 years.In 1988 USA athlete Butch Renynold set new world record in 400 meters by time of 43.29 seconds.Butch Renynold records lasted for 11 years .Butch’s record was broken by great athlete Michael Johnson in 1999 by reducing 0.11 second and setting new World record 43.18 second. Wayde Van Niekerk is first non American since 1963 to set World record in 400 meters.Wade Van Niekerk is fifth non American since 1900 who set World Record in 400 meters event.
Wayde Van is the first African Athlete who set World record in 400m category.Wade Van Niekerk age is 24 years old .He can compete in next two Olympics and a lot more is expected from this talented South African Sprinter.

Men 400 meters world Record progression from Lee evans(1968) to Wayde van Niekerk(2016)
Time Athlete Nationality Location of race Date
43.86 A Lee Evans United States Mexico City, Mexico October 18, 1968
43.29 Butch Reynolds United States Z├╝rich, Switzerland August 17, 1988
43.18 Michael Johnson United States Seville, Spain August 26, 1999
43.03 Wayde van Niekerk South Africa Rio de Janeiro, Brazil August 14, 2016

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