#Rio2016 Games 400 meters winner Kirani James vs LaShawn  Merritt vs Wayde

Van Niekerk

One of the most exciting event in athletics #Rio2016 is 400m.In 400m a tough competition is expected in Trio of Wayde Van Niekerk and LaShawn Merritt, and James Kirani.In 2015 World Athletics Championship   a race of high standard witness by spectators.All three players ran under 43.80 second  and South African Wayde Van Niekerk won the race in 43.48 seconds

1.Kirani James (Grenada) Olympic Champion 2012 London

Kirani James is Olympic Champions in 400 m event.Wayde Van Niekerk is World Champion in 400 meters race.Kirani is 23 years old.Olympic Champion   Kirani James is known as “The Jaguar”.Kirani James  belong to Grenada.
2. LaShawn Merritt (USA) Gold medal 2008 Olympics
American sprinter  LaShawn Merrit is silver medalist in World Athletic Championship 2015.LaShawn Merrit is current ranked first in 400 meters race in IAAF ranking.LaShawn Merritt is  Olympic Champion  who won  gold medal in Beijing Olympics..LaShawn is 30 years old.

3.Wayde Van Niekerk (Kenya) World Champion 400m

Wayde Van  Niekerk is 24 years old .He ran the fourth fastest time in the history of  400m event .Van Niekerk’s time was faster than Michael Johnson  time when he won gold medal in Atlanta Olympic 1996.

It is very interesting to see who will win 400 meters Golf medal in #RioOlympics2016.Young James Kirani or Wayde Van Niekerk can  beat experienced and inform LaShawn Merritt.  LaShawn is currently No 1 in 400 m  in IAAF ranking.LaShwan Merritt best time in years 2016 is 43.97.James Kirani has best time in 2016 44.08 seconds and Way Van Niekerk has best time in years  2016 is 44.11 seconds.

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